Painting by Gopal Chowdhury and Prabir Krishna Deb

Prabir & Gopal

Painting by Gopal Chowdhury and Prabir Krishna Deb

Artist: Gopal Chowdhury | Title: Radhe Krishna | Dimension: 36″ x 40 ”
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Immersed in a surreal world of mythology his artworks have a three dimensional
effect on two dimensional backgrounds. The narratives of each painting, the colours and the characters in the frame will enthuse and amaze the spectator.

The painting is currently displayed at ArtVilla Gallery, Kolkata

gopal chowdhury

Artist: Prabir Krishna Deb | Title: Old Calcutta Rickshaw | Dimension: 18″x 24″ |
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Prabir Krishna Deb is a descendant of Sovabajar Rajbari family and Maharaja Nabakrishna Deb. He has been painting rickshaws and everything vintage for decades and it’s a living historical document of the Old Calcutta that he grew up in. His works are nostalgic, retrospective, historical and has tremendous value in terms of the antiquity they emit.
He has also authored and drawn books like “Akay Lekhay Maharaja Nabakrishner Gopinath”.

prabir krishna deb

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